Friends of Morice-Bulkley

Support the North Coast Tanker Ban!

April 15, 2019

Dear friends,

We've tried for more than a decade to get an oil tanker ban for the north coast of BC, legislation that would prevent more Enbridge Northern Gateway proposals from happening in the future. While legislation passed through our elected government over a year ago, it is being stalled out by the unelected Senate.

Senators are holding up the oil tanker moratorium (known as Bill-C48), as well as other critical environmental bills, because they are being heavily lobbied by the oil and gas sector to crush this bill, or any other legislation that would strengthen environmental assessments and protect sensitive ecological areas. We need to show our support for Bill C-48 and make this vital legislation into law. We don’t want the Senate killing the bill before the next election. We’re asking you to take 5 to 10 minutes to write the Senate committee urging the passing of Bill C-48 as a resident of the region.

Even just a couple of paragraphs describing things like: you’re a resident from here, our watershed is connected to the coast by migrating salmon, the importance to you of not having massive oil tankers on the north coast, the uniqueness/importance of region, personal stories of your relationship with the coast/river/salmon and why you live here. Many senators are not from BC so we need to explain to them why this place is so unique and special. Express support for the Coastal First Nations tanker ban, concerns about (oil spills, salmon/steehead, our tourism economy, democracy, climate change, future for our kids, Indigenous rights, the values you hold dear) and urge them to pass Bill C-48 - the Oil Tanker Moratorium Act. As with the Enbridge hearings, speak from the heart.

Read Friends of Morice Bulkley's submission to the Senate Committee here.

Send your letter: Attention Senate Transport Committee on Bill C48 to:   (she’s the committee clerk so will send to all Senators on Transport Committee)

The Senate Committee is coming to Prince Rupert on Tuesday, April 16th and Terrace on Wednesday, April 17th roughly between 9-5pm if you can make it out to show your support. There will be a rally in Terrace in support of the Bill outside the hearing at the Best Western hotel at 11:45.

They have denied many witnesses (including FOMB), but hopefully we'll have some strong voices before they head to Edmonton and Regina. Forces are big against this but we’ve won against titans in the past.

Thank you for your continued support,

Friends of Morice Bulkley Steering Committee